Susan Gomes, Reiki Master

I am a Reiki Master and practitioner trained and certified in the Usui System of Natural Healing and in good standing with the IMA since 2000. My clientele has increased significantly with traditional medicine recognizing and referring their patients, especially for conditions that do not respond well to traditional medical approaches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does reiki work?
My hands are very gently placed on the recipient and the reiki naturally flows into their body, completely independent of my intention. The receiver’s body does the healing, not the practitioner, as the healing energy flows on its own to the recipient as needed. The beneficial yet harmless energy is felt as a warm to very warm sensation.

What do I have to do?
Relax and enjoy it. Your body has the natural power to heal itself. Many clients feel so relaxed that they fall asleep. Perhaps the only task is when the session has ended, as the person usually does not want to get up because they feel so good.

How many sessions should I have?
Some clients come in on an as needed basis, while most come in once a month for a relaxing escape or simply for maintenance. It is an individual matter of choice.

How long does reiki last?
My clients say it lasts for days, weeks, or they feel better indefinitely.

Does reiki interfere with any medications I am taking?
No it does not, for either OTC or prescribed meds.

Can a child have a reiki session?
Most definitely, there is no age barrier. The parent can sit right next to the child or have a seat to observe.

What if I am unable to get onto the table due to a disability or I am limited to a wheelchair?
Reiki can be given effectively while sitting, you need not be lying down.

Does reiki help chronic or long term health issues?
Yes, and although individual cases may vary, I have seen results in just 1 visit. The body has a remarkable way of repairing itself and is assisted with this holistic technique.

Is reiki covered by health insurance?
Not to my knowledge, but it wasn’t too long ago that Chiropractics was not covered. I believe that when the insurance companies recognize that it is cost effective and without risks or contraindications, they will cover it. Reiki is extremely complimentary to and in conjunction with traditional medicine, particularly in hospitals where medical procedures are deemed necessary.  

These are the most frequently asked questions by someone interested in having a reiki session with me. They are based on my own personal years of experience as a Certified Reiki Practitioner and Reiki Master, and I welcome any other questions or concerns. I am passionate about reiki and filled with much gratitude each and every session with my clients.