Susan Gomes, Reiki Master

I am a Reiki Master and practitioner trained and certified in the Usui System of Natural Healing and in good standing with the IMA since 2000. My clientele has increased significantly with traditional medicine recognizing and referring their patients, especially for conditions that do not respond well to traditional medical approaches.

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When I found my way to Susan, I had been in tremendous physical pain for several months. I was emotionally splintered and very fearful of the medical decisions I was faced with. I was about as desperate as a soul could be. I’m not sure I can describe the experience with Susan adequately. Even after the session, for days I searched for words to explain exactly what had occurred. I realized the word, the feeling I was searching for was wholeness. Susan’s healing gifts delivered me to a place free of pain. My fear and anxiety fell away and I felt only love and protection. I knew then that I had the strength and courage to deal with the issues I was faced with, because my body had experienced wholeness and Susan reassured me I was not likely to forget that sense of safety. My gratitude is unending. Susan modestly attributes her gift to the source of all wholeness; however, that source chose to work through her.

Mary Ellen


I have been seeing Susan for Reiki for 4 years, and although occasionally for pain relief, it is usually for maintenance and to treat myself to a totally relaxing and refreshing session. Just walking into her room with the scented candles and soft music makes me start to relax. She can immediately identify areas of stress and pain after scanning my body. When her hands are placed on those areas, I feel the heat that comes through her healing touch. I have some arthritis and a bone spur in my left hip, which causes me to sometimes walk unevenly. It gets to a point where one leg actually becomes shorter than the other, but Susan has been able to correct that. I have to admit that it is amazing - I honestly feel my leg lengthening! Susan truly has a wonderful gift that should be experienced by anyone seeking relaxation, pain relief and emotional healing.

With Gratitude,

Vicki Lynch

Middletown, RI


"I met with Susan shortly before I a scheduled major surgery (I was nervous and unsure of the surgery)  As Susan and I were talking and she started here initial examination she stopped at the area of surgery, She asked if I was considering surgery in this area.  This confirmed to me it was the right thing to do.  I left there feeling very comfortable and relaxed about my surgery.  I had another session with Susan just before my surgery.  I recovered quickly from the surgery I do feel it had a lot to do with the work Susan had done.   I feel everyone should have the Reiki experience it will leave you feeling relaxed and energized at the same time. 

Susan is the best."

Susan S.


"My name is Heather Wolfe and I can attest that a Reiki session with Susan is such a healing & spiritual adventure!  I can actually feel my blood flow thru my body and feel the release of anxiety and stress.  It is such a remarkable experience that leaves you with great feelings of tranquility and balance. 

The last two visits with Susan, I walked in with feelings of anxiety, stress and being unbalanced.  After each session, I feel that my soul, body and mind are completely leveled out and I’m also left with feelings of contentment.

Susan is definitely a Healer.  Her knowledge and understanding of life’s experiences (that one goes thru) coupled with her knowledge of therapeutic techniques creates such a healing experience that I have referred several friends to Susan.

Everyone should experience a Reiki session with Susan!" 

- Heather    


"I have been meeting with Susan for Reiki 1x per month since August 06.  She was referred to me by a friend.  I enjoy every session with Susan and can’t wait to schedule my next appointment. 

Susan is a very warm and caring person.  I look forward to every Reiki session and know that I can expect to come out feeling relaxed and re-energized.  She has a very soothing demeanor and always makes me feel welcome and comfortable.

I think she is a very talented practitioner and after meeting with her regularly for the last 9 months I consider her a friend."

- Maria A.




Two weeks ago, I had a migraine that lasted for 3 entire days which inspired me to take a “mini vacation” with a Reiki session from Susan Gomes of Reiki and Relaxation. I hoped with this visit that I might experience some sort of physical pain relief.

After scanning my body, Susan not only evaluated the pain in my head but located an area in my hip that had been bothering me from running, without me even mentioning this pain.

Also in addition to the physical pain, Susan and I discussed a matter of emotional pain, a loss of a family member that has burdened me since their passing two years ago. With the anniversary approaching, this is a very difficult time for me and my family.
Susan calmed and comforted me with an intuition that is really indescribable. I then shared my experience with my family and this level of comfort was extended to each member.

I highly recommend a Reiki session with Susan Gomes whether to relieve physical pain or mental anguish.
I walked out the door feeling slightly more in control of my life.

Ryan Larkin
Ryan Larkin


I have been going to Reiki for a few years now and I love it! No pills to take and my pains go away, with Susan's help your body heals itself. Susan is wonderful, she has a way about her that makes you relax, you feel like you’re going to see a friend, not a Doctor. I say to all of you just try Reiki and you'll love the results.

Donna Barnes
Portsmouth, RI


My first Reiki session with Susan was about 9 months after the birth of my daughter. As she held her hands over my abdominal area, she told me she had a sense that my daughter’s limbs were pressing up against my bladder during the birth. I was absolutely amazed. I suffered severe nerve damage in my bladder after the birth of my daughter and Susan didn’t know this. Even my doctors had not offered a specific explanation. Susan has a unique ability to identify areas of pain and dis-ease in the body (indlucing emotional dis-ease!). It has been wonderful going to Susan for what I consider “tune ups” – a relaxing session that can help me get back in touch with my body and emotional life.

Jill M.
Providence, RI


Well over a year ago, a friend started to gently urge me to seek some relief from physical pain that I had been experiencing for many, many years.

As with a lot of information that I receive from friends, I stuck the business card she handed me, with good intentions albeit, into my billfold.

Fast forward one very busy year later. The time had come that my attention was directed toward taking a moment to take care of a very important person: Myself. While moving into a new home, the card I was handed so long ago fell out of a book that I was re-shelving for what had seemed the hundredth time. It had become a steadfast bookmark and reminder that 'Hmmmm, I really should do something about this discomfort'. I knew the time to make a call had arrived.

Enter, Susan Gomes. The first contact I had with Susan came in the form of a phone call. The very first thing I noticed about Susan was an immediate warmth that came right through the phone. She listened very carefully as I went on about my discomfort and woes, patiently taking in all of my words so as to completely understand what I was expressing. She very literally listened to me. This was such a rarity to me. Not one of my current medical physicians has offered me the courtesy of listening in so long. It was such a relief, and Susan's warmth, compassion, and eagerness to hear my words put immediate faith into the situation.

After our phone conversation, I become very excited at the prospect of our appointment. When the day of our appointment arrived, I was feeling typical of the day. I was overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed, feeling severe discomfort in my back, neck, shoulders and hips, and really just wanted to lay down.

I walked through the doors of Susan's office and into the arms of pure comfort. Her office was so peaceful and just saturated with comforting sounds, aromas, light and ambiance. She methodically and gently navigated me through about five minutes of different assessments, asking me a few questions here and there, offering such compassion and again, the warmth. I then lay on a table, and Susan went to work. She immediately went to my chest and throat. From there my neck, and then my head. Next, it was my hips. With every area she honed herself to, Susan intuitively spoke of each area of challenge with an accurate knowing. I felt safe, peaceful, and open to this healing that I literally knew nothing about.

My body felt as though it was being flooded with reassurance and relief. You will find your breathing becoming rhythmic, and as a result can actually start to feel your blood moving through your body as your oxygen increases. Susan deftly and aptly will glide around the table like the most graceful dancer, hands hovering overhead, eliminating anguish, pain, illness, fear and doubt with a swift breath or at times, a more prolonged exercise, all the while speaking soft words of maximum love, comfort and compassion, understanding exactly what it is that you need healed. Susan is literally a conduit, allowing energy to shift and move through her body to ours.

While the experience of Quantum Touch is considered alternative to more traditional methods, there is nothing alternative about this method to me. Our bodies are such an enigma, with the natural ability to quite literally heal themselves when given the opportunity. It is not painful, in fact, it is quite the opposite. It is immediate, consistant and steadfast. This isn't a quick fix that your body is forced into that only gives temporary relief. This is a process, that is gentle, natural, and peaceful that stays with you long after your first session. You will find vast improvement in your sleep patterns, your diet, water intake, pain relief, mental anguish, stress, and energy levels.

We owe ourselves, we owe our wonderful bodies, the courtesy of health and wellness, and I could suggest nothing better than Quantum Touch with Susan Gomes. It will allow you comfort, peace and the ability to gift your wonderful body the gratitude and health that we all so very much deserve.

Susan has such gratitude for her clients, and that gratitude transcends into pure healing. This is an experience in overall healing that no one should be without, and one that will very hopefully become globally accepted and understood. Non invasive, affordable healing for our bodies...what is there that is better than that?! Try it. Even if it's one time, the benefits will stay with you for a lifetime.




Although reiki accelerates or promotes healing, it may not be sufficient intervention for some health related issues. Your health is your responsibility and I ask that you please work closely with your physician(s) to monitor all health concerns as well as your medications.

A reiki session, which can do no harm, may be used in conjunction with your physician’s qualified medical advice. Reiki is not intended to be a substitute or replacement in lieu of your physician’s advice, diagnosis or treatment; nor is any information about reiki given by phone, through an e-mail or this website.